BrainBank Process

Leveraging Our Expertise

Understanding your business and how to leverage technology for profitability is the catalyst to sustainable success.

Our SME's and their commitment to your success is the node that governs BrainBank. The BrainBank Team possesses a deep understanding and implementation of Operations, HR & Talent Acquisition, Information Technology, Branding, Marketing, Business Development and Entrepreneurship.

The Brief | Converse. Ideas. People

Share with us your process! What makes it unique to you, your company, your industry? How can we reclaim loss productivity and convert it to gained profitability? These are some of the questions we embark on during the BrainBank Process to discover your Process Technology and create your Intellectual Profitability.

The Scratchpad | Knowledge. Strategy. Execute

This is where the collective brains for your project interacts with our SMEs in an SCRUM/Agile environment lead by a SCRUM Master to decode the features of your process, working with us to create your product backlog, delivering the most impactful value for your product tech investment.

The Install | Data. Exchange. Interpret

The Foundation of Business Intelligence…Data- Schema. Architecture. Aggregation. Training. Mining. Warehousing. Utilized thru Machine Learning, architecting the data infrastructure for your process lays the foundation of success for your project, giving us the ability to implement data driven metrics to your core business model to further drive Intellectual Profitability.

Version 2.0 | Iterative. Impression. Insight

New Product Features, Cutting-edge Technologies, Divergence of Thought Processes and Simplification all forge the path to ingenuity. At BrainBank Interactive, our minds are greatness-centered and innovation-focused with an eye towards industry capitalization, using technology as a disruption catalyst for market share. Process Technology, Intellectual Profitability aren’t just our tagline or keywords, they embody the essence of the collective SMEs that are vested in your success.

Pick Our Brain

...Technology accelerators act as a catalyst to momentum built up from disciplined people and disciplined thought.